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Home Services Business Bank Account for Non-US Residents Business bank account for non-US residents

Price: $750.00

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Establish a US business bank account for your US corporation or LLC today. Great solution for non-US residents. We offer a real business checking account opened with one of the largest banks.

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In the years since 9/11 and the introduction of the Patriot Act, it has become EXTREMELY difficult for non-US persons to act as a signatory to a US corporate bank account. This is reasonably easily accomplished task for a US citizen, HOWEVER banks still require a SSN. Banks may be heavily fined for opening accounts without "sufficiently knowing the customer" and breaking the "KYC (Know Your Customer)" rule.

IncorpToday offers a great solution! A real business checking account for your US corporation or LLC opened with one of the largest US banks. The account opening is guaranteed!

Once we have formed your corporation or LLC, a US person will be appointed and authorized to open an account in your company name. An independent accountant will then be appointed to manage your account and issue wire transfers and checks based on your instructions. As the client, you will be provided a 24/7 access to online banking.

The solution works flawlessly! The account opening is guaranteed because the signatory is a US person that uses the corporate Tax ID as well as his/her SSN to open a business bank account in your company name.

This service is provided by an independent accounting service. There is an annual fee of $275.00 paid to IncorpToday, and then the accountant charges a 4 % ($150 minimum) monthly processing fee to manage a bank account.

The following options will be available with your bank account: business check card (Visa or MasterCard debit card with your company name on it), checks, employee check cards, 24/7 online banking access, domestic and international wire transfers, savings account, check deposit service.

IncorpToday specializes in assisting the following types of companies from around the world with establishing a business presence in the US:

  • E-commerce
  • Technology
  • Software Development
  • Internet
  • Call Centers
  • Content Management
  • Hi-tech
  • Web Design and Web Hosting
  • Consulting and Management
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Investment

We help with growing your US Operation and maintaining your US Entity in good standing. IncorpToday provides a complete incorporation package, business banking solutions, and a comprehensive business network to assist you with every aspect of your US Business.

For additional questions please review our Bank Account Management FAQs.